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Call for Submission - LGBTQ Fiction and Non-Fiction

At Stone Soup Community Press, Inc., we believe the diversity which exists within our community should be reflected in the stories we publish. We focus primarily on publishing short stories compiled into themed anthologies. However, we also accept novella and novel-length works of fiction and non-fiction.

We publish LGBTQ fiction in the following categories:

  • Romance

  • Mystery

  • Action/thriller

  • Science-fiction

  • Fantasy

  • Erotica

  • General Fiction

  • Young Adult

We are looking for submissions which step outside the traditional formulas of the sub-genres. We want stories that include all forms of diversity within our community.

We want protagonists of all colors, all ages, all economic statuses, all shapes and sizes, all abilities and health status. We want stories that don't necessarily have a traditional HEA ending. We want protagonists who identify as straight, bisexual, transgender, confused, questioning, experimenting, not into labels, etc. so long as they are in or pursuing a woman loving a woman relationship if an intimate relationship is featured in the story.

We are looking for diversity in our authors as well. Your sexual orientation, gender identity, color, economic status, health status, etc. doesn't matter so long as you've written a well-crafted and compelling story.