Stone Soup Community Press, Inc. 501(c)3 Announces Support For The Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project

The Film

The Legacies of Lesbian Literature project is a feature documentary, currently in-production, examining the history of lesbian literature and how key authors' works had significant impact on the genre, and also society at large.  The initial focus of the Legacies of Lesbian Literature project explores lesbian fiction from the 1920s through the 1990s.

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— The Swashbuckler by Lee Lynch


At Stone Soup Community Press, Inc., we believe the diversity which exists within our community should be reflected in the stories we publish. We offer the following programs to support our mission: Publisher of Fiction and Non-Fiction; Writers Fellowship;  and the Therapy Café Podcast.

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For Immediate Release

Stone Soup Community Press, Inc. 501(c)3 Announces Support For The Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project.

Dayton, Ohio – January 2, 2019 – Darla Baker, President of Stone Soup Community Press, Inc., announced today that the Board of Directors has voted unanimously to add the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project to the list of charities they support through their programs and donations.

The Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project joins a prestigious list of charities already supported by the work of Stone Soup Community Press, Inc. This list includes: The Lambda Literary Foundation, It Gets Better Project, and The Trevor Project.

Marianne K. Martin states on their website, “As authors of historical fiction, Sandra Moran and I were interested in looking at not just the history of lesbian literature, but also what world events helped shape those stories and to what extent the stories were reflections of the authors’ own lives as they looked for affirmation and their place in the world.”

Baker comments, “The board was looking to include a charity that closely aligns with the mission of Stone Soup. We feel we’ve found the perfect project with the Legacies of Lesbian Literature. Without the courage of the talented writers featured in this documentary, there would be no lesbian literature to support. Releasing this documentary is just too important. The board unanimously agreed.”

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For more information, visit or contact:

Darla Baker, President

Annette Mori, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief

Carol Madewell, Secretary/Treasurer

Darla Baker, President

Darla Baker’s career encompasses a diverse list of roles including best-selling author, publisher, podcast host, and software engineer.

As founder and president of the nonprofit publishing house, Stone Soup Community Press, Baker is an advocate and mentor for writers of lesbian fiction and non-fiction. Her book series, Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist, was an Amazon number one best-seller. Baker’s Thalia Chasehosts lesbian fiction authors in character and helps them with dating and relationships in a weekly podcast, Therapy Café. Baker is also the Treasurer of the Lambda Literary Foundation, which nurtures and advocates for LGBTQ writers, elevating the impact of their words to create community, preserve our legacies, and affirm the value of our stories and our lives.

Baker attended Georgetown College and Wright State University, where she completed her B.S.B. in Finance with a minor in Psychology. She also holds a Certificate in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University.

Outside of the literary world, Baker has dedicated more than thirty years to serving government, nonprofit, corporate, and Fortune 100 firms as a management consultant and software engineer – both independently and with notable organizations like DataStax and Hobsons, Inc. Prior to her corporate career, she spent nearly a decade with the Montgomery County Courts completing her tenure there as the Chief Deputy Clerk. In her rich personal life, Baker splits her time between Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, and Dayton, Ohio with her wife of twenty plus years and their well-behaved pit bulls, Delilah and Mati.